The online volunteer hours logging is ready for use.

Some data had to be gathered manually to create the family IDs. It took a little while to gather that data and manually enter it in, coupled with a busy couple of months. But we are finally here. 😊

The administration requested that we use a specific format for family id, to protect the privacy of the families at Seaside.

The family id consists of:
* First initial of students’ last name
* First initial of each child’s name
* Last 4 of the primary phone number

For example, our family ID would be NS4710. A family with multiple children would be NSJE4710
We organized the Family ID by class to make it easier to find your family ID. If you volunteered on PTO, office, or resource teacher tasks, feel free to choose any of your children’s teachers. The hours will roll up by family ID.

Please follow the link to enter hours into the form. If you can’t find your Family ID or have issues with the links, please send an email to sccsbptovol@gmail.com. Please note responses may take up to 2 business days. Please be patient also during the initial couple weeks as there may be a higher volume of emails.

Link for form:

You can view how many hours have been logged per your family id by following the link below.
Link to Results:


Jennifer Navarro, Volunteer Coordination