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Our school is our Seaside family and we all learn and grow together by following the school’s 3 golden rules:

  1. Be kind and respectful.
  2. Be honest; Always tell the truth.
  3. Everyone belongs.

The following are tidbits from fellow Seaside parents:

  • We love our volunteers! Seaside is a hands-on school and love seeing families working together to benefit our kiddos. Tell grandparents, aunts, uncles – all who wish to give time to our school.  To Volunteer, you must first to register through DCPS:  Volunteer status is good for 2 years. If you have questions regarding your status, email Check in with your child’s teacher, PTO committees and administration to find ways to help.
  • Make sure every time you are on campus to volunteer, you first sign in and out through front office with valid ID.
  • Seaside is a public Waldorf-inspired Charter. PTO will offer Waldorf Education Nights so you can learn more about the Waldorf model. Here are a few resources we love:
  • Seaside is a community school — meaning that we value the community connections made and know we are all better together. Please plan to attend school festivals, camp outs, spirit nights and class play dates.
  • Seaside PTO needs you! There are so many ways to get involved and great options for working parents too (like our community work days on the weekend!). Please connect with one of the officers or Committee chairs to join us!
  • Seaside is a fast-growing school. Please be patient as we try on new ways to communicate and keep parents informed. This year each teacher will have a class page via Microsoft teams, school emails and the parent led Seaside fb page. If you are not receiving school emails, please email our amazing office guru Laurie Roll:
  • Seaside is a Peanut-Free School. Your student’s teacher will make you aware of any other allergies in the class.
  • We are a Media-Free School and recommend no media during the school week to encourage children to play and use their imagination.
  • Arrival times: 8am-8:20am Grades K-7th, 8:30am for Pre-K
  • Dismissal times: Pre-K3, Grades K-4th 3:30pm and Grades 5-8th 4pm
  • Please have your students arrive to school on time as to not disrupt the rhythm of their morning/the school morning circle, etc.
  • We love to celebrate! Please connect with your teacher regarding birthday celebrations. Outshine bars are a great allergen-free treat that almost all students can enjoy.
  • Join your PTO on the First Day of School! Drop off your littles and join the PTO for some connection and refreshments! Carline gets better after the first week- we promise! Media-free items (such as clothes, lunchbox, water bottle) at school means horses are ok but my little pony is not. Why you ask? Come to a Waldorf Education Night!
  • Seaside Stuff Swip Swap (located at is a great place to get rain boots, rest mats, etc.
  • Want to get to know more families in your child’s class? Be sure to attend your class parent/teacher nights. There will be two this year. It is a great opportunity to set up playdates!